NEW SERIMARCA JetPlay DTF Fabric Printer DTF printer for customizing all types of fabrics Customizing has never been easier! Allows you to transfer prints on light and dark materials. Applicable materials: cotton, polyester, TNT, linen, lycra, jeans, nylon, microfiber, hemp, leather, cardboard, wood. Applicable objects: T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, shoppers, aprons, bags, shoes, backpacks, caps, caps, pants, wallets, masks, etc ... Practical, light, high quality printing and all types of fabrics can be customized, from cotton to technical fabric, TNT, 100% polyester and all porous surfaces (eg wood, cardboard, cork, etc.). The high resolution of the prints, the high opacity and resistance of the inks make the prints very resistant to the most aggressive washing. These professional qualities, added to our specialized remote assistance, make this product an indispensable resource for companies in the field of printing. * The prints are beautiful as the colors are brilliant with resolutions never before seen in this field! ** Attention: This is not vinyl transfer but pure ink transfer! Look at the offer, CLICK HERE To receive a sample of films, CLICK HERE To book demo webinars send us an email to To speak by phone with a technician, call us at 0438-1736135 | Tel. 0438.1736135 |