Stampanti di Pellicole Serigrafiche e Tampografiche

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Discover the main benefits of having a film printer and self-produce transparencies in minutes.

Time savings

No longer depend on the deadlines of the graphic studio and its closing days and holidays. Developed the Films!

Savings on Transportation

You will no longer have gasoline costs, late couriers or meteorological causes, to collect the films.

Saving money

Drastically reduce monthly costs to graphic studios by up to 90%. Beyond belief!

Urgent Jobs

Do not miss the last minute processes. Instantly print your film in as little as 5 minutes.

Unexpected Changes

The customer can add or change logos or information in his graphics at the last moment.

Custom Fills

Thanks to the included RIP software, creating screened films will allow you to meet the graphic needs of your customers, creating clichés or frames with professional shades.

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Examples of films printed with our SM Film Printer KIT.
Beautiful colored and shaded images, transformed into a monochrome screen with high coverage and thin strokes, thanks to the prodigies of the Software RIP.
And yes, you can see the professional results in the final print!