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Frequently Asked Questions

SM Film Printers are designed to develop high quality transparencies for screen printing, pad printing, stamping, graphic design studios, labeling factories, box factories and for all professionals in the field of printing and customization. We give personalized and free advice to understand the needs of your business.

The printers available for immediate delivery are the following models:

A4 (390x300x146mm) prints on A4 format films
A3 + (479x370x159mm) prints on films in A4, A3, A3 + format

These models do not have the roll holder, however roll films can be purchased and cut according to the need of the height.

The films are available for immediate delivery in the following formats:

A4 (210x297mm) usable on A4 and A3 + printers
A3 (297x420mm) usable on A3 + printers
A3 + (329x483mm) usable on A3 + printers


1. The films are packaged in boxes of 100 sheets.
2. We also provide customized transparencies keeping the printer fixed width and length as needed. For ad hoc requests contact us.
3. Our printers do not have the roll holder, however roll films can be purchased and cut according to the height requirement.
4. After use, SM Films can be archived for later reuse.

SM Film Printers do not use the classic expensive cartridges, but a continuous charging system.
The ink is taken externally from a 100ml bottle with a duration of about 5 months (according to our customers' statistics).
The savings calculated on the amount of ink is 60% compared to the cost of traditional cartridges.
Our ink, however, has a superior quality as it contains a high pigmentation and anti-UV characteristics, therefore, a better barrier to light and a more effective engraving of plates and frames.

The RIP software, ie the professional program that manages the printouts, is included with the purchase of one of the SM printers.

It takes care of the graphic decomposition in four-color process and of the conversions in screens of the colored graphics. It allows you to print through any graphics program of daily use (Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Acrobat pro, etc.) and is compatible with Windows and Mac systems.

With the purchase of the printer, transport is free with TNT Express Insured in 24-48H.
With the purchase of consumables, the transport is automatically calculated by the site based on the weight, starting from a cost of € 8.99 + VAT.
When ordering online, you can choose to ship freight collect with your courier.

Orders for consumables will be processed within 24 hours. with delivery in 24 / 48h.
The printers will be processed within 3/5 working days from the order confirmation.

From the first contact, you will be followed by our staff for any request regarding the operation of the printers and the use of the software.
Remote assistance is continuous, unlimited and free.
You can contact us by phone at 0438.1736135 and also on WhatsApp at 351.9328900