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A4 Sublimatic Printer

A4 Sublimatic Printer
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A4 Sublimatic Printer

Complete solution to print films right out of the box!


  1. SM Pellicole® A4 inkjet printer, compact and elegant
  2. RIP software for film processing from any graphics program (Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc ...), available for Mac and Windows.
  3. 100ml bottle. of SM® Black Ink
  4. 1 year full warranty
  5. Remote start-up and installation with qualified personnel
  6. Training for the use of the software to create screens and color separation
  7. Free insured express shipping
  8. After-sales: free and unlimited remote assistance


  • Print on films in A5, A4 format
  • Ideal for screen printing, pad printing, stamping and for engraving photopolymers
  • Very high resolution printer up to 5760dpi
  • Very high definition printer, drop size of 3 picoliters
  • No cartridges to replace frequently (big savings)
  • Continuous charging system from external bottle (100ml included)
  • SM® ink has high density and opacity, without the need for blackeners. It is the only ink suitable for SM® Film Printers
  • The instant drying SM® films allow you to engrave frames and clichés right away

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